How To Create A Cherry Burst Les Paul Finish

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Published: September 20th, 2008

This video clip shows how easy it is to spray classic colors on a kit guitar. I did this in my garage in about 2 hours (includes dry time). Please note, after a couple of rude comments, I realize this is not exactly text book Gibson Les Paul sunburst here, no need to comment on the “replication” of how Gibson does it. I just want to show that sunburst finishes can be done with spray cans right in your garage. Different effects can be obtained by changing the size of your board or adding colors. It could also be done freehand (watch out for droplets on your base color). Regardless of the “replication” this kits going to look great after polish and assembly! Look on ebay under the seller name of jwhammen79 to get your own kit. I want to see you build one better then mine, shouldn’t be hard! Stay tuned, I will make clips untill the project is done. Thanks!~

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